P&H Retirees’ Club

The West Allis Knights of Columbus
has sold their meeting hall.

We have found a new location to hold our monthly meetings,
the American Legion Post 537 on 92nd and Beloit Rd.

Harnischfeger Retirees, P&H Retirees,
Joy Global Retirees, Komatsu Retirees.

We will meet at:

HA Todd Jr. American Legion Post 537
9159 W. Beloit Rd  
Milwaukee, WI.  53227  (map)

2nd Thursday of every month
Starting with our September 2021 meeting
we will
return to serving ham sandwiches for $2.00, and we will return to our normal times.
Social hour 12:00 to 1:00 pm
Meeting 1:00 to 1:30 pm
Entertainment to 3:00 pm

Beer, Coffee, Soda: Free

Membership Cost: Free

Members must be:

Retiree of P&H, Joy Global, Komatsu; worked on P&H products: and/or spouse or significant other of retiree.

See the Events page for a schedule of future meetings.

Special event fees must be paid in advance.


P&H Retirees - Events Mobile

Updated September 12th.
Updated meeting schedule. Added Harbor Campus progress. Added October Shovel Model raffle.
We are back to in-person meetings.
Watch our Events page for details.
(See our Events page.)

Also see the P&H Mining Friends on Facebook.

Stay Safe, get your vaccine.

Starting September 3rd I will be moving the web pages files to another web hosting company.
The old company raised their rates, and I found a better deal
with another company.

The move should be completed within a week,
and you will likely never notice.
But, if at some point these pages don’t work,
the interruption should be short.

Please be patient, and try again.

See our Resources page for information on free community testing.

If you have any cold or flue symptoms,
consider getting a Covid test.
If you do have symptoms, and still feel you should attend our meeting, please wear a mask.

We want our meeting place to be safe
for all attendees.