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Komatsu Harbor Campus


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Updated September 12th

Updated meeting schedule. Added Harbor Campus progress. Added October Shovel Model raffle.

IMG_20210909_152028.jpg IMG_20210909_152124.jpg IMG_20210909_152232.jpg

Click on the logos to see the web sites showing the new campus.


My photos of the Komatsu Harbor Campus are below.
Photos taken September 9 and 10.

Office on the left, parking structure on the right.

Parking structure on the left, manufacturing on the right.
An elevated walkway connects these two.

The campus has a rail road spur, and the elevated walkway connecting manufacturing with
the parking and office is over the spur.

Manufacturing plant.

Hunzinger Construction Company

IMG_20210910_141302.jpg IMG_20210910_141136.jpg

Museum and or welcome center?


Building a shovel monument.

Building a shovel monument.



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