P&H Retirees’ Club

Joy Global (Komatsu Mining) contributed passes to the MILWAUKEE PUBLIC MUSEUM.
This one-day pass provides membership benefits at MPM for two adults and their children or grandchildren (17 and under) or one adult and three guests.
Expires: 2018 Dec 31

FREE admission to Museum     
FREE admission to Planetarium program

Member rate for special exhibits

Discount on parking at MacArthur Square (Be sure to get your ticket validated)

Discount on Theater tickets   
Discount on Museum shopping and dining


800 W. Wells St. Milwaukee, WI 53233



Get passes at our meetings or the picnic. See Jeff.

This space is reserved for members who want to post notices of their own gatherings or events for the retirees.
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$10 P E R P ER S O N T E AM O F 5 R AF F L ES & P R I Z E S F un f o r A ll !

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