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I bought several of these for their low cost.
I have had Chunghop learning remotes before, and found them quite capable. This one has an odd button layout, but I will work with that for this price. The instructions that came with this remote, and everything I’ve read online is completely wrong. So I made this guide.

Chunghop L336

I use these to learn from those cheap little credit card like remotes, which I dislike. So now even my cheap off-brand electronics can have a decent remote. Remember that if that little credit card remote breaks, or gets lost, it’s too late, you need to have it to teach the new remote.

As with all learning remotes, be sure to put fresh batteries in your old remote that you will to use to teach to the L336 remote. Weak batteries can make the process quite frustrating.

1. Press and hold the Device button on the L336 remote that you want to program. The light on the L336 remote will come on when you first press the button, then become bright.

2. Press the button for the function you want to program on the L336 remote, the light on the L336 remote will blink slowly.

3. Bring the top of the remote you want to learn from to the top of the L336 remote and press the device button you want to learn from.
(You might get better results by holding the button on the remote you want to learn from instead of just pressing it.) When the L336 remote learns the code the light will flash fast, then become solid bright.

4. To continue programming, repeat steps 2 and 3.

5. When programming is done, press the Device button on the L336 remote until the light on the remote goes off.